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So, here I am. Probably you will think: oh dear, does the World really need yet another blogger? I say YES because I will be spending my time aiming at answering your questions! So please, shoot me any concerns regarding transitioning with families and children. And I will plan to create a blog post dealing with your questions and concerns.

Myself and my passion

So, here I am. My name is Katja. I like to call myself a global professional (a term coined by my friend Jannie, but that´s another story – nevertheless, check out her page/project). In fact, I am a modern nomad and I have the honor of living and exploring different countries on this wonderful planet due to the career of my husband in the development cooperation. So far in my life I have lived in Germany (where I was born and raised), Spain, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the United States and Kyrgyzstan, and I have traveled to many more places on this fascinating planet.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

So, here I am – currently living in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. The mountains here are much higher than in many other places. Kyrgyzstan is the gateway between Central and Asia and the streets in the capital Bishkek can go from beautiful tree-lined boulevards to bumpy dirt roads (the ice and snow in winter make the bump roads less bumpy, did you know that?). Kyrgyzstan has mind-blowing scenery, in most places you feel closer to the sky than anywhere I have been before. If you love hiking, biking, horseback riding and nature – this is your place to travel to!
Closer to the sky at Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan
Closer to the sky at Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan

The Reality of Moving

So, here I am. Moving every four years is the reality of my family. Instead of mourning the lost opportunities, I try to see every transition as a chance: a chance to meet new people (sometimes even soul mates), to learn about a new country,  culture and sometimes even the language, to learn about myself and my family, to reinvent and develop myself professionally. In between our move from the US to Switzerland in 2013 and our transition to Kyrgyzstan in 2016, I started to pursue a Master of Science in General Psychology. I am a curious mind and a lifelong learner and cannot seem to stop signing up for new classes (lucky for me that the number of distance courses has been growing and there is a lot of free or cheap knowledge sharing).

Found passion along the way

So, here I am. Having completed my degree in Psychology writing a Master Thesis about Third Culture Kids (more about those next time), I somehow (accidentally) became the expert. Requests to hold presentations and workshops here and there followed, even before I had been awarded my master’s degree. As said, I cannot stop inquiring, so currently I have almost completed my training as a certified Online Coach, I am enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Mental Health Children, Adolescents and Families at the University of Sheffield Hallam, UK, and I am eager to undergo training to become a solution-focused therapist.

Other interests

So, here I am. In addition to my professional development, and all the reading I have to do for my courses, on a regular day there are usually at least 10 books waiting in my shelf to be read. I am building my knowledge in many topics in psychology in general but I also have a particular weakness for anything related to parenting: non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg, Bowlby´s Attachment Theory, needs and relationship-oriented parenting.

Sharing is caring – for you & me

So, here I am, eager to share all that knowledge with you, with the families in transition, but also honestly with anybody who wants to listen and read. I am interested in hearing your stories, your concerns, your questions. Just get in touch and tell me more about yourself! Go to the “Get in touch” section of my website and leave me a message. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Nomadically yours,

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