Are you looking for somebody to support you in your transition? Somebody who will focus particularly on the mental well-being of you as a parent and your children? A psychologist with an extensive range of personal experience in transitioning with children?

Children of transferable families have no choice. They follow their parents to those countries where your employers posts you, where your academic career leads you or where your passion drives you. Children trust their parents to make choices in their best interest for them. And many of the aspects of a global life is very positive for children. Nevertheless, some children struggle, some parents are overwhelmed… had you only known about some things beforehand. And this is where I would like to support you with my knowledge, my experience and my passion for transferable families with children. Get in touch!

The heart behind Mobile Family Support

My name is Katja Aegerter. I am a global professional (due to my husband´s career), an inquisitive mind, and mother of 2 wonderful globally mobile children. For me, every transition is a new chance and cha(lle)nge to be embraced. In my life, I have moved countries 8 times and have supported my children throughout 3 transcontinental moves. Transitions and expat life is nothing new to me: I am right in it. I know what your concerns are. I know how it feels if the healthcare in your host countries is far away from the standard of what you know and have felt the chronic fear of a child getting seriously sick or hurt.

Learning is my life project. I am naturally curious and eager to understand correlations, causalisations and the sources of human behaviour and experiences. So along our transitions, I pursued my dream and completed a Master in General Psychology at University of Roehampton, UK. My final research investigated the connection between family relationships and the quality of mobile children’s experience while on the move. To dig deeper into the topics which really interest and concern me, I completed a postgraduate certificate in Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health at University of Sheffield Hallam, UK. Currently, I am working on my PhD in the Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Basel University, Switzerland, again researching the interplay of transition stress, mobile parents and the well-being of the TCKs.

I completed several additional trainings in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – ACT for Beginners, ACT for Grief and Loss, ACT for Adolescents – to even better help expat parents and Adult Third Culture Kids.

My Interests

A minimum of 10 books is always waiting in my shelf to be read. I have a particular interest for anything related to child psychology and parenting: Rosenberg´s non-violent communication approach, Bowlby´s attachment theory, topics like positive parenting, needs- and relationship-based parenting and their effect on long-term relationships absorb me.

Why I started Mobile Family Support

My research covering much of the literature and articles about Third Culture Kids, Global Nomads, Globally Mobile Children, etc. combined with my knowledge in the area of parenting and mental health built up a strong understanding and knowledge base. I developed the wish to support families and children to make their mobile experience beneficial for all family members. I am happy to share my knowledge through workshops, presentations, talks but also in individual consultations. My support starts before your transition, will continue throughout your move and will back you up after your arrival. I am there for you! I am available through e-mails, Skype and WhatsApp, or any other forms of virtual or traditional communication means. Just check my calendar and make an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation and let me know how I can help you.